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4 Common Behaviours That Affect Your Health

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The human spine isn’t designed to be perfectly straight. A healthy back has gentle curves, like a cascading wave, from the neck all the way to the base of your coccyx. It’s also capable of adjusting to varying external demands, and becomes a master of ‘shape’ to protect itself and the surrounding structures.

One of the most fundamental attributes to achieving optimal lifelong physical health is building positive daily habits that encourage good posture and core stability. With simple techniques, and a growing awareness of how these attributes contribute to movement, you will have the right physiological basis for enduring wellness.

Here are my recommendations for correcting everyday common habits that compromise our physical health.

1.     The Hunch:

Correct posture cannot be viewed in isolation. It isn’t sensible to console yourself that one part of your body is aligned, if the result of this position distorts other areas of movement. Remember the old rhyme: “Your hip bone is connected to your thigh bone, your thigh bone is connected to your leg bone.” The whole body works in series, with each part having a direct influence on the areas around it. For example, if you have developed poor sitting habits working over a laptop, the awkward position of your neck will force equal and opposite changes downwards through the rest of your spine and pelvic girdle. All negative posture reveals itself eventually, sometimes resulting in symptoms elsewhere in your body seemingly unrelated to the source.

2.     Heel Support:

Regardless of whether or not you’re a full time model, your feet take a beating. They get walked over for an entire lifetime and bear more than 150% of your body weight with every step. Your feet need all the support they can get and this support may be compromised when walking in high heels, whereby your heel is constantly raised generating added pressure on the balls of your feet. A proper assessment of your feet by a qualified physiotherapist at Back In Motion Health Group should just about be a routine undertaking when considering your overall posture, health and physical capability. This is particularly advised for women who wear heels on a regular basis.

3.     Beauty Sleep:

Although the notion of beauty sleep has often been dismissed as a myth, sleep is an underrated commodity in the investment we make into our health and wellness. When it comes to sleep, quality and quantity matter. Making time to rest is essential if you want to be, feel and look healthy. Sleep deprivation can lead to a delay in injury healing, mood swings, increased irritability, difficulty problem-solving, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and motivation, reduced immune response and weight gain.

4.     Physically Ready:

In terms of good health and wellness, it’s not just the absence of injury, pain or sickness, but rather your ability to move and perform in an optimised physical state. You need to drive and maintain your body like you would a high performance vehicle. Enduring health is a lifelong pursuit, but it responds immediately to your positive daily decisions. It’s important to understand the limitations of your body and use a tailored and consistent approach toward optimal lifelong physical health. A physiotherapist can act as your health partner by assessing your physical capabilities and creating a tailored personal training regime to reduce injury risk and enhance your performance.

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