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Rochester, New York

“I’ve found it to be the most helpful read on acne that I have come across. Not only was it affordable, but the information was actually useful and helpful. The E-Book has changed my life. Throughout my day, I am constantly referring back to it trying to make better decisions about my lifestyle habits. It’s really the only resource out there that is real and true. I look forward to everything that The Clear Skin Project has to offer!”*

Melbourne, Australia

“I’ve only had your program for a short time but so far I love it! I recommended it to friends and family I love it that much! I found the 8 week planer really good but would love more recipes and ways to make face masks. Xx”*

Brisbane, Australia

“Since reading the CSP book my whole lifestyle has turned around. Healthy eating, healthy mind and soul has turned into a part of my everyday. The eBook has guided me in a direction that has benefited my whole life. The constant forum support on facebook is great. Being able to ask any questions is awesome!”*

Sydney, Australia

“After coming across Clear Skin Project on instagram I was instantly intrigued about it as I suffer from hormonal acne. Olivia Jenkins fabulous $30 E-Book was the best money I had spent in a long time! I had a great feeling about it from the start. I am currently in week 2 and already I feel the difference in my skin and I have already received numerous compliments about it. I am feeling much more confident about my skin and would recommend it to anyone suffering from bad skin. I am glowing inside and out already! Thank you Olivia Jenkins!*

Tracey Bradshaw
Gold Coast, Australia

“I am 29 years of age and have suffered with severe acne from the age of 14.  I also suffer from PCOS.  I have been on multiple forms of medication from Roaccutane to many different versions of the contraceptive pill none of which worked completely.  I have also tried all forms of topical treatments from benzyl peroxide prescribed topical creams, countless brands and forms of facial washes and regimes again to no avail.  I had also experimented with various peels, all unsuccessful.  Since reading Olivia’s Clear Skin Project and following all the recommendations I have experienced perfectly clear skin for the first time consistently.  I can happily say I have never felt better about my skin and only wish I had found it sooner!!”*




Results may vary and will be subject to your health conditions and compliance to the program. Most consumers see a visible change of their skin within 30 days of following the program followed by further improvement thereafter.

The money that you invest into the Clear Skin Project program is very affordable when you compare it to the countless acne creams and worthless medication that never work. I’m genuinely passionate about helping you to clear your skin and regain your self confidence again. Just have a look at some of the success stories on the transformation page and you can see that this program delivers what it promises. Individual results may vary but I’ll always endeavour to help you achieve the clearest possible skin in the shortest possible timeframe with the use of the Clear Skin System.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime and I am happy to help you. Clear Skin Project has already worked for thousands across the world and many had the very same questions as you before they started. Ask the questions instead of dismissing the opportunity out of fear of it not working or being a scam. If you have any questions, its better to ask and I can talk you though it. I know that this program can work for you and I want to help you regain your confidence again so you can live your life happy and acne free!NOTE: Clear Skin Project is a downloadable eBook. This is not a physical hard copy book however you WILL receive free updates when a new edition of the book is released. The eBook is delivered INSTANTLY after purchase and can be downloaded via the email in your inbox.