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DIY beauty

My Top DIY Beauty Secret For Clearing Acne! 

Look no further than Epsom Salt. Yes I know, it seems bizarre but Epsom salts are actually one of the best-kept beauty secrets when it comes to clear skin! The best part is, it’s beauty on a budget. You can pick up Epsom salt at your local supermarket or pharmacy for under $5. What is Epsom Salt? […]

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DIY Acne Scar Face Mask

Forget over-priced facials and chemical products! This effective acne scar face mask can be made in your very own home with the most natural ingredients. Directions Combine the juice of 1 lemon and 3 tablespoons of yoghurt in a small mixing bowl Massage onto clean, dry skin Leave on for 10 minutes Rinse well For […]

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5 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

We have all heard about the great health benefits of coconut oil incorporated into your diet. I bet you haven’t thought to use it in your beauty regime though! Coconut oil is so versatile and it is a great cheap, natural alternative to products filled with nasty chemicals that damage your skin. Cuticle Care That’s […]

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D.I.Y Natural Perfume

There are so many synthetic fragrances available, but you would be surprised at how EASY it is to make your own! It’s estimated that 95% of the synthetic fragrances on the market today are derived from petroleum by-products. Perfume is sprayed directly onto your skin and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is much […]

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