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  • How To Make Smoothie Packs!

    You have heard of meal prep right? Cooking up a big batch of veggies and protein at the start of the week and freezing it, well you can do the same prep for your smoothies!  Take the hassle out of making smoothies by preparing your own DIY smoothie packs and storing them in the freezer. […]

  • How To Apply Eye Cream Correctly

    So you have an eye cream but you’re not sure if you’re using it correctly? Eye creams one of the most commonly misused skincare products. To get the best results, use a high quality natural eye cream with no added chemicals. The skin around your eye area is much thinner than other areas of your […]

  • Clear Skin Mexican Bowl

    I love Mexican Bowls because they are SO fresh! There is nothing better than a meal that satisfies you, and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or sluggish. The best thing is you can add any of your favourite fresh vegetables to mix up the flavours! Ingredients: ¼ cup black beans ½ avocado, peeled and sliced […]

  • Clear Skin Fruit Salad

    This fruit salad not only looks amazing on the plate, but is actually great for your skin! The berries are FULL of anti-oxidants and the other ingredients help to give you glowing skin. It’s one of my favourite dishes to bring to parties because it’s easy to make and is so bright and colourful. Ingredients: 1/2 cup […]

  • Chocolate Coconut Bites

    This is a great recipe that is similar to raw bliss balls, only SO much easier because you don’t need to spend lots of time rolling each individual ball! It is perfect as a sweet snack and you won’t accidentally eat the whole thing like a normal block of chocolate because the ingredients are wholesome […]

  • My Week in Bali: Detox Retreat

    Holidays. They’re one of those things that you always think about doing, but never get the time to do. There’s never a “right time” for a holiday because life goes on and there’s always something to catch up on when you’re home. Truth be told, we need rest. It’s important to give your body time […]

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