Clear Skin Project

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Regain control of your skin, diet and body with glowing confidence, inside and out.


  • Step-By-Step Clear Skin Project Success System
  • The Top Best and Worst Foods For Acne
  • 14 Day Clear Skin Meal Plan
  • Downloadable Shopping List
  • Holistic Lifestyle Advice
  • Step-By-Step Skin Care Advice
  • Natural DIY Remedies For Acne
  • Supplements and Vitamins For Skin
  • FREE Private Email Support
  • Lifetime Access to Our Clear Skin Support Forum!

[accordion title=”What Do You Know About Acne?“]

Did you know that acne is just a gland, with a hair follicle that has become inflamed?

That’s right! Acne is a skin disease that appears when your glands secrete extra oil, which block the skin pores containing a hair follicle. When your pores become blocked, it traps the dead skin cells inside it, which causes bacteria to grow and create infection AKA a pimple! [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Acne?”]

Acne affects everyone very differently. We can often see some people get great results from one treatment program, but others don’t. This is because a lot of remedies don’t consider the whole truth, they only target the symptoms on the outside and not the causes which are on the inside. I offer a complete solution to clear skin confidence because I know, nothing is more upsetting than thinking you have it under control, when you don’t. [/accordion]


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