Clear Skin Icy Poles & Smoothie Pops

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Refresh your body and brighten your skin with these delicious icy pole and smoothie pop treats!


  • Learn how to make the best healthy icy poles and smoothie pops
  • Discover techniques for making your pops look as fun as they taste
  • 20 delicious and healthy recipes to enjoy all year round!

How Will Icy Poles and Smoothie Pops Help To Clear Skin?

Stop reaching for chocolate or traditional ice-creams and opt for a delicious and healthy icy treat instead!

This innovative recipe eBook gives the smoothie pop a boost of flavour and skin clearing goodness in every bite!

Discover these healthy popsicles recipes that will give you a refreshing and tasty treat without the guilt! These recipes boast energy-boosting ingredients, skin clearing goodness and a delicious recipe to suit every taste.

Learn the fancy techniques on how to make your smoothie pops look as fun as they taste! 


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